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Our 50th reunion was a resounding success!

L-R: Marshals Jack Lynch and Mike Bertin carried our banner into Killian Court

196 classmates and 208 guests attended at least one event.
Relive it here!

Send me photos! (I didn't take any myself),
and I'll select some to display on these pages.

Our class involvement and commitment to the MIT crew program has been captured in a 48 page MIT CREW–Class of 1963 50th Reunion book that has been published separately from the reunion book mentioned below.

The entire MIT CREW book is available via this website using the links in the next paragraph. Pieces from K. Andersen, A. Fiory, J. Frailey, J.W. Gadzuk, R. Kurtz, J. Lynch, R.Vernon, and E. Wild are included. Those interested in receiving a hard copy should contact K. Andersen or Bill Gadzuk.

For technical reasons, to be made available on this page, the book needed to be divided into two parts.  It's provided in PDF form.  Use the following links to obtain the MIT CREW book Part 1and the MIT CREW book Part 2.

The reunion book:  Classmates who paid their class dues of $63 and attended the reunion received the reunion book when they checked in (its cover is shown to the left).  Classmates who paid their dues and did not attend will also receive a copy of the book.  If you haven't yet paid your dues, it's not too late to do so and receive a copy.  If you'd like to pay your class dues online, click here. PLEASE NOTE: You will be prompted to log in with your Infinite Connection user ID and password. 

This extensive volume (it's 672 pages, and weighs in at 2.6 lbs) contains classmate biographies, including a section with biographies of deceased classmates.  It also contains a fully indexed archive of Technology Review class notes, and a few photos from our time at MIT.

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Remember the silk-screened posters advertising movies sponsored by the LSC ("Lecture Series Committee")?  See a blog entry by class president Larry Krakauer exhibiting his collection of some of those posters from 1962.

Larry's blog, to which he's been adding an entry a week since January 2010, contains a lot of entries relating to MIT and to technology, particularly the technology of our youth.  Go to his Keyword list, and click on either *MIT or *TECHNOLOGY (or any other keyword of interest).  Read the entry if it seems interesting.

Then, in the footer at the bottom, click on the same keyword to see the next entry in that category (the *MIT and *TECHNOLOGY keyword threads have many entries in common, of course).

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